Tablet Computers

More and more people are choosing to purchase a Tablet computer instead of a laptop. The advantage is that they are usually smaller and lighter, making them a lot more portable and easy to carry in a handbag or student satchel etc.

Tablets are a cross between a laptop and a smart phone, providing a portable version of your computer but with limited utility features. These are great for browsing the internet, downloading and listening to music, sending and receiving emails, taking photos and video and sharing them, checking and updating your social media pages on sites like Facebook etc.


Most tablet manufacturers don’t include any USB ports, so if you want to print off a photo or document, you will need to do this with a Bluetooth or remote printer, which you may have to purchase separately if you regularly need to print things off. You will require a wireless internet connection, and most tablets have a built-in modem, so that you can connect to the internet using a free internet hotspot that’s sometimes available at universities and coffee shops etc.


It’s also very useful for business purposes and for most salespeople to use their tablet to make presentations to customers, access company data over the Internet and process orders while on the move.


One advantage tablets have over laptops is that they’re usually cheaper, since they are smaller and have less functionality etc.


The same rules apply for identifying and buying the right tablet for your needs as for laptops.

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