How to choose a reliable washing machine

Have you decided to buy a washing machine, but are having difficulty deciding what model of washing machine to buy ? If you are currently looking for a new washing machine, you may want to consider the different models available such as top-loaders, front-loaders or combined washer/dryers.

washing machine can significantly reduce the time we spend doing our household laundry chores, as well as saving the hard work on our bodies having to scrub, soak and wring all the heavy clothing, towels and bed sheets etc that need washing almost every day in most households.


Since a washing machine is one of the most used and necessary appliances in your home, it’s important to make sure that you buy one which has all the features that you require to meet your family’s needs as well as fitting within your budget.


A good time to purchase a new washing machine is during a discount period of store sales. In terms of buying such products, many consumers prefer to go online to do their research and to buy.


As mentioned above, washing machines are available in a wide range of models and sizes. The price factor varies based on the number of features a machine has, which brand or manufacturer and which merchant or retailer you purchase it from. Almost all machines include the basic features, which are of the utmost importance when it comes to washing.


Knowing how to choose a reliable washing machine involves many factors to consider. The first thing to consider is the amount of laundry you or your family need to wash each week. That will determine how large the machine will need to be to accommodate your amount of washing. Your home water supply will also be another factor in deciding which machine to buy, as some machines require more water than others to fill up and to go through all their wash and rinse cycles. Another thing to consider is that some washing machines are more energy-efficient than others (the manufacturer usually displays a sticker on the machine with its energy rating).


Washing machines are available in a range of sizes, from the portable apartment-size models that fit in the kitchen on wheels and hook to a sink to larger models that go in the basement or laundry room and hook directly to a water line.
Washing machines have different cycles to use depending on your garments. You can use a heavy cycle for larger loads or heavily soiled items or a delicate cycle and dedicated garment bag for your delicates, such as bras and panties. Using the right cycle protects your items from damage during agitation, as does choosing the right detergent or fabric softener etc.


Consumers can go to websites like PriceMe to compare prices and read expert product reviews and store ratings to help them find the right choice. Online shopping can often be hassle free and can save time travelling to stores to find the right machine for you. If you are buying a washing machine online, you may need it installed by a professional plumber, so just ask the merchant if they provide this service and how much the extra cost is.

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