How to Check a Product’s Genuineness

Online shopping has been very significant for people who don’t have time to go on shopping on their favorite local stores, and for the ones who couldn’t find the exact product on their area and wanted to see more options on the Internet. What’s more on this is that customers are able to see the latest deals at lowest prices. However, not all of the websites are reputable when it comes to giving a product sale while retaining its high quality. Many people got scammed with fraudulent offers and sometimes got the product with factory defects or just simply an imitation.

If you consider a a product’s quality more than its price, then you should know how to verify it genuineness.


  1. Look for a genuine security seal on the packaging. Each brand has its own unique security features and seals. For gadgets, popular names like Apple, Samsung, LG, HP, and Sony have made their own brands and unique way to seal their products. For example, HP Company puts security label on its cartridges boxes. If you’re not able to see it, you should then doubt its originality. In the HP ink seal, the “OK” and a check mark are visible even if you tilt it to different directions. Color switching is also a mark of HP’s genuineness. Turning the box side to side, you can see the lettering switch to light color when the background is dark and vice versa.
  2. Company’s logo should always be seen on the product or packaging.
  3. Look for repackaging signs. If you see any signs like no outer wrappings of sub packs, then you have a reason to be suspicious on its quality.
  4. The price should be reasonable. If the materials used are of high quality, then it should reflect to the cost.
  5. Original products don’t have frequent failure. The item should always meet customer’s expectations and even beyond.


You should always care of all these tips if you want to identify the genuineness of the product. For a safer and secure purchase, it is advisable to visit the company’s website or Third Parties to ensure that you get the right product.

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