Computers becoming like a human brain

Computers occupy a huge part of our everyday lives now, with almost no area of what we do that doesn’t involve a computer somewhere. It’s almost inconceivable to most people to not use a computer of some sort every day, whether it be their own desktop, tablet or mobile or one they use at work to fulfil their job function.

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A Makeover For Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

There will come a time when you’ll feel ready to make adjustments and improvements to your home. Your dwelling might start to look a bit tired to you or maybe you just want to brighten things up a bit. If you want to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of your home, it may cost you serious money, however, you could probably do some small improvements yourself that could greatly improve the look of your home.

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Tips for Buying Large Appliances

When you shop for large appliances, make sure you consider the long term ownership of these machines, as they’ll need to serve you well for many years. Buying a reliable appliance means you’re making a good investment in your future,  and these tips will help you ensure the appliance you buy is well worth your time and money.

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How to choose a reliable washing machine

Have you decided to buy a washing machine, but are having difficulty deciding what model of washing machine to buy ? If you are currently looking for a new washing machine, you may want to consider the different models available such as top-loaders, front-loaders or combined washer/dryers.

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How to Check a Product’s Genuineness

Online shopping has been very significant for people who don’t have time to go on shopping on their favorite local stores, and for the ones who couldn’t find the exact product on their area and wanted to see more options on the Internet. What’s more on this is that customers are able to see the latest deals at lowest prices. However, not all of the websites are reputable when it comes to giving a product sale while retaining its high quality. Many people got scammed with fraudulent offers and sometimes got the product with factory defects or just simply an imitation.

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Compare prices online in Singapore

Welcome to! You can find and research products online, compare prices, read reviews and consult shopping guides using PriceMe. We provide a completely unbiased service that only has one objective: to equip consumers in Singapore with relevant and accurate pre-purchase knowledge.

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