ATC LiverMarin Capsules

As the second largest organ of the body, and largest internal organ, the role of the liver performs several important functions which can’t be underestimated.

Beginning with the decomposition of red blood cells as well as synthesis of plasma proteins, production of hormones, secretion of bile acids to conversion of blood sugars to glycogen. More importantly the liver is involved in the detoxification of the blood as it passes through the hepatic portal circulation.

There are cells in the liver that monitor the contents of the blood and they remove potentially toxic substances before they can reach the rest of the body. Toxic substances include certain drugs, excess fat, alcohol and many others unwanted compounds.

Liver disease is becoming more prevalent each year, often arising because of too much alcohol and too much fat in the diet. With the rapid uptake of processed and fast or junk foods, it cannot be denied that our own food, instead of keeping us from starving is actually killing us one bite at a time!

A high-fat diet with too much processed food and alcohol can eventually lead to uncontrolled blood sugar and high cholesterol, which can overwhelm the liver’s capacity to detoxify these substances. The end result is an accumulation of these fatty substances in the liver, leading to the condition of fatty liver disease.

There is also another condition called steatohepatitis, which is basically an inflammation of the liver cells because of the changes brought on by too much fat in the liver. The complications however don’t end there, as the symptoms are risk factors for an even more fatal condition called hepatocellular carcinoma (cancer of the liver). It’s prudent to say therefore, that a healthy liver is critical to healthy well-being!

For centuries in Europe and Asia, certain herbs have been concocted into liver tonics and have been used as anti-oxidants. To reduce liver disease, silymarin which has been extracted from the plant Milk Thistle (silybum marianum) which has been clinically proven to provide hepatoprotection by way of scavenging toxic free radicals. Several clinical trials have shown that Silymarin demonstrated its ability to promote healthy liver cells, even for people who already have underlying liver disease.

It’s important to note that destruction of free radicals is essential to the prevention of liver disease, hence ATC LiverMarin Capsules 350mg were formulated, not only with Silymarin but with added Sodium Ascorbate which is also a known anti-oxidant. Together, the effect is synergistic. There is added effect of liver cell growth and increased antihepatoxicity activity and more antioxidation.

Eating a good, balanced diet, in addition to regular intake of ATC Liver Marin Capsules will definitely lead more to better nutrition, better health and a better lifestyle.

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