ATC LiverMarin Capsules

As the second largest organ of the body, and largest internal organ, the role of the liver performs several important functions which can’t be underestimated.

Beginning with the decomposition of red blood cells as well as synthesis of plasma proteins, production of hormones, secretion of bile acids to conversion of blood sugars to glycogen. More importantly the liver is involved in the detoxification of the blood as it passes through the hepatic portal circulation.

There are cells in the liver that monitor the contents of the blood and they remove potentially toxic substances before they can reach the rest of the body. Toxic substances include certain drugs, excess fat, alcohol and many others unwanted compounds.

Liver disease is becoming more prevalent each year, often arising because of too much alcohol and too much fat in the diet. With the rapid uptake of processed and fast or junk foods, it cannot be denied that our own food, instead of keeping us from starving is actually killing us one bite at a time!

A high-fat diet with too much processed food and alcohol can eventually lead to uncontrolled blood sugar and high cholesterol, which can overwhelm the liver’s capacity to detoxify these substances. The end result is an accumulation of these fatty substances in the liver, leading to the condition of fatty liver disease.

There is also another condition called steatohepatitis, which is basically an inflammation of the liver cells because of the changes brought on by too much fat in the liver. The complications however don’t end there, as the symptoms are risk factors for an even more fatal condition called hepatocellular carcinoma (cancer of the liver). It’s prudent to say therefore, that a healthy liver is critical to healthy well-being!

For centuries in Europe and Asia, certain herbs have been concocted into liver tonics and have been used as anti-oxidants. To reduce liver disease, silymarin which has been extracted from the plant Milk Thistle (silybum marianum) which has been clinically proven to provide hepatoprotection by way of scavenging toxic free radicals. Several clinical trials have shown that Silymarin demonstrated its ability to promote healthy liver cells, even for people who already have underlying liver disease.

It’s important to note that destruction of free radicals is essential to the prevention of liver disease, hence ATC LiverMarin Capsules 350mg were formulated, not only with Silymarin but with added Sodium Ascorbate which is also a known anti-oxidant. Together, the effect is synergistic. There is added effect of liver cell growth and increased antihepatoxicity activity and more antioxidation.

Eating a good, balanced diet, in addition to regular intake of ATC Liver Marin Capsules will definitely lead more to better nutrition, better health and a better lifestyle.

Computers becoming like a human brain

Computers occupy a huge part of our everyday lives now, with almost no area of what we do that doesn’t involve a computer somewhere. It’s almost inconceivable to most people to not use a computer of some sort every day, whether it be their own desktop, tablet or mobile or one they use at work to fulfil their job function.


We use them to access the billions of web pages available on the world-wide-web (www) or to do our banking, online searching and purchasing, or to communicate with our friends and family through social media platforms like facebook. Even if someone doesn’t use a computer directly, every time you go into a shop or business, their sales and stock ordering are all done by computer.


Not content with designing computers that just help us be more efficient and accurate, scientists around the world are also working on numerous projects to take computers to the next step to become more human-like and intuitive in the way that they process information and perform tasks.


The challenge for these scientists is how to make a computer “think” like a human, with all the complex attributes such as speech, feelings of love and fear, desires, intuition, decisions based on past experiences, genetically-inherited traits and responses and masculine or feminine characteristics. What a challenge!


The difference between the human brain and a computer is a computer is effectively a large calculator with memory, that’s able to process and store data and an increasingly complex number of other tasks, and a human brain performs tasks and solves problems using a wide array of information from our eyes, ears and other senses, memory of previous experiences, intuition or a “hunch” about a situation etc etc.


If we could build computers that operate and process information and perform tasks similarly to how humans do these things, then there would be lots of useful applications for them in dangerous, hostile, uncomfortable or tedious work environments, hence manufacturers are racing each other to design and develop cost-effective robotic machines as quickly as possible.


The development of such powerful machines raises questions of ethics and the potential dangers of becoming too dependent on something so complex as well as trying to avoid something going very wrong. Some of the world’s military leaders recently agreed to limiting using armed robots for military use, for moral, ethical and safety reasons. They could become quiet killing-machines that do not discriminate between an enemy or non-enemy.


The ongoing research and development of robotics is inevitable, but we must move forward with caution, and ask ourselves whether we need that level of gadgetry and the risks involved in adopting such technology into our lives. It’s great having computers that can help us with everyday things, but I think I’d still prefer to interact with a real-life person with real feelings and thoughts, not just a machine that’s programmed to behave like a human!

A Makeover For Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

There will come a time when you’ll feel ready to make adjustments and improvements to your home. Your dwelling might start to look a bit tired to you or maybe you just want to brighten things up a bit. If you want to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of your home, it may cost you serious money, however, you could probably do some small improvements yourself that could greatly improve the look of your home.


A great place to start when improving your own home is to have a general tidy-up and de-clutter. Have a big sort-out of anything unnecessary or that you no longer use, which will reduce the amount of things in your home and will instantly give you a feeling of more space and light. Finding permanent places to store items you only need on odd occasions, by using low-cost racking, shelving or storage boxes will help organise your things better and it will free up more space. Once you have finished this and experienced the difference this makes, it will give you the motivation to start giving a facelift to some other rooms.


Another quick and easy way to brighten up a room is to apply some fresh paint to areas that are looking particularly worn, such as skirting boards and window frames etc. To make it easier to do your makeover, remove as much as possible from each room and give it a good clean from top to bottom. If you have carpets in your home, you may also want to shampoo them by hiring a carpet-cleaning machine for the day or having a professional come and do them for you.

Two rooms that are focal points of any house are kitchens and bathrooms. We’d all like to have a new fitted kitchen or bathroom but that’s not always possible. In your kitchen it may be possible to just replace or paint doors and drawers without needing to have completely new units. Incorporating new water taps, electric ceiling fans and lighting can also give the impression of a new room. You can also do simple things in the bathroom like change the shower head and shower door or curtains. The shower heads can be replaced with something that uses a reduced amount of water, which, in turn, can save you money.


In some rooms just the addition of a new rug or some cushions can give a room a completely new look. In your lounge you may want to buy some sort of fireplace component that can give the room a lift and make it more homely. If you use your inventiveness and you’re prepared to put in some work to make it happen, you can give your house a whole new look whilst not breaking the bank to do so.


Happy homemaking !

Tips for Buying Large Appliances


When you shop for large appliances, make sure you consider the long term ownership of these machines, as they’ll need to serve you well for many years. Buying a reliable appliance means you’re making a good investment in your future,  and these tips will help you ensure the appliance you buy is well worth your time and money.


Before you purchase your next large appliance, whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or a home appliance like a vacuum cleaner – you need to think about how what size it should be relative to the job you intend to use it for. It’s easy to get tempted by fancy features when you’re in shopping mode,  but you need to be practical, otherwise you’ll end up spending lots of money on something that you may not get much use from. For any appliance you’re planning to buy, write down a list of essential features, as well as the size it has to be to suit your needs. This will help you buy the best appliance and not something that is bigger or more complicated than you require.


When you’re shopping for large appliances, you’ll need to consider several factors, such as the price, size, appearance and what features and functionality it has. When your budget is small,  it’s only natural to seek out the least expensive machine that you can find. However, it’s not always the best policy to buy the cheapest item. Finding a great sale or a high quality used appliance is one thing, but buying something simply because it’s a bargain will often end up costing you even more later on, especially if it ends up needing to be repaired or replaced. It’s a better idea to buy the best machine that your budget allows,  so that it will be more likely to run well for a long time.



Smart shoppers always check expert and/or user reviews online before they head off to the shops, so that they’re armed with as much information as possible. You can search and read reviews on PriceMe as well as other review websites. Just check on Google for a review site that specialises in the type of appliance that you’re thinking of buying.


Buying second-hand or used appliances

Buying a used or second-hand appliance can also be a great way to save money on large appliance purchases. You can buy used appliances that are still in good condition at reasonable prices,  but you need to be cautious when you do that. You can check the classified ads in your local newspaper, or online on sites such as eBay. When you buy a used appliance, you can usually test it before buying. Obviously you won’t get a warranty when you buy from a private seller,  so you’ll have to use your best judgment based on the appearance, reputation of the brand and a quick demonstration (if possible).


You should always shop around before buying large appliances, as these are significant investments in your home. When chosen wisely, appliances can make your life much easier while the wrong decision can lead to constant phone calls to repairmen, disruptions, and additional expenses. Keep these tips in mind so you can choose the appliances that best meet your needs. The best appliance investments will meet all the demands your lifestyle has to offer as well as the decor and style of your home.


Check out PriceMe for for your ideas.

How to choose a reliable washing machine

Have you decided to buy a washing machine, but are having difficulty deciding what model of washing machine to buy ? If you are currently looking for a new washing machine, you may want to consider the different models available such as top-loaders, front-loaders or combined washer/dryers.


A washing machine can significantly reduce the time we spend doing our household laundry chores, as well as saving the hard work on our bodies having to scrub, soak and wring all the heavy clothing, towels and bed sheets etc that need washing almost every day in most households.


Since a washing machine is one of the most used and necessary appliances in your home, it’s important to make sure that you buy one which has all the features that you require to meet your family’s needs as well as fitting within your budget.


A good time to purchase a new washing machine is during a discount period of store sales. In terms of buying such products, many consumers prefer to go online to do their research and to buy.


As mentioned above, washing machines are available in a wide range of models and sizes. The price factor varies based on the number of features a machine has, which brand or manufacturer and which merchant or retailer you purchase it from. Almost all machines include the basic features, which are of the utmost importance when it comes to washing.


Knowing how to choose a reliable washing machine involves many factors to consider. The first thing to consider is the amount of laundry you or your family need to wash each week. That will determine how large the machine will need to be to accommodate your amount of washing. Your home water supply will also be another factor in deciding which machine to buy, as some machines require more water than others to fill up and to go through all their wash and rinse cycles. Another thing to consider is that some washing machines are more energy-efficient than others (the manufacturer usually displays a sticker on the machine with its energy rating).


Washing machines are available in a range of sizes, from the portable apartment-size models that fit in the kitchen on wheels and hook to a sink to larger models that go in the basement or laundry room and hook directly to a water line.
Washing machines have different cycles to use depending on your garments. You can use a heavy cycle for larger loads or heavily soiled items or a delicate cycle and dedicated garment bag for your delicates, such as bras and panties. Using the right cycle protects your items from damage during agitation, as does choosing the right detergent or fabric softener etc.


Consumers can go to websites like PriceMe to compare prices and read expert product reviews and store ratings to help them find the right choice. Online shopping can often be hassle free and can save time travelling to stores to find the right machine for you. If you are buying a washing machine online, you may need it installed by a professional plumber, so just ask the merchant if they provide this service and how much the extra cost is.

Tablet Computers

More and more people are choosing to purchase a Tablet computer instead of a laptop. The advantage is that they are usually smaller and lighter, making them a lot more portable and easy to carry in a handbag or student satchel etc.


Tablets are a cross between a laptop and a smart phone, providing a portable version of your computer but with limited utility features. These are great for browsing the internet, downloading and listening to music, sending and receiving emails, taking photos and video and sharing them, checking and updating your social media pages on sites like Facebook etc.


Most tablet manufacturers don’t include any USB ports, so if you want to print off a photo or document, you will need to do this with a Bluetooth or remote printer, which you may have to purchase separately if you regularly need to print things off. You will require a wireless internet connection, and most tablets have a built-in modem, so that you can connect to the internet using a free internet hotspot that’s sometimes available at universities and coffee shops etc.


It’s also very useful for business purposes and for most salespeople to use their tablet to make presentations to customers, access company data over the Internet and process orders while on the move.


One advantage tablets have over laptops is that they’re usually cheaper, since they are smaller and have less functionality etc.


The same rules apply for identifying and buying the right tablet for your needs as for laptops.

Laptop Computers

Laptops are very popular these days, as they are excellent for storing and saving  important files, as well as having reasonable computing-power for most user’s needs. Laptops can usually be carried easily as they are becoming lighter, that’s why most people use this type of device for their business and personal computing needs.


A laptop computer combines several components, including screen display, audio speaker, keyboard, touchpad for directing the cursor, USB ports for running a printer, remote mouse and monitor, SD card slots for downloading digital images from a camera and a microphone/webcam for Skype calls etc.


Most late-model laptops can be powered either from a rechargeable battery, or by mains electricity via an AC adapter.


Choosing the right type of laptop for your needs is important, so the first step to selecting which one will best suit your needs is to identify and make a list of what your requirements are. If you are doing graphics design and using Photoshop or Illustrator for instance, you will need a laptop that has a bit more power and memory than what someone who just wants to browse the internet and send/receive emails will need.


Students, lecturers and salespeople use laptops extensively these days for learning and commercial sales aids. Many schools, colleges and universities recommend incoming students bring their own laptops to take class notes, search the internet and to run specialized software, such as apps for interpreting language for foreign students. In colleges, many lecturers use laptops to run audio-visual equipment, to project slides or lecture notes for their students.


At trade shows and conventions, it’s easy for company representatives to set up a laptop for multimedia presentations of their company’s products and services.


When choosing a laptop factors to consider are: durability, warranties, size and weight, capabilities as in specifications of ram, speed, and hard disk space.  Laptop prices also differ and depend on its size, durability, and its brand. Online marketers visit different sites and online shops to select a good quality of laptop.


Popular brands of laptop are Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Sony and Acer etc.


An easy way to quickly help you educate yourself about the various features and functions of laptops is to read expert and user reviews that are available on comparison shopping sites like PriceMe.



How to Check a Product’s Genuineness

Online shopping has been very significant for people who don’t have time to go on shopping on their favorite local stores, and for the ones who couldn’t find the exact product on their area and wanted to see more options on the Internet. What’s more on this is that customers are able to see the latest deals at lowest prices. However, not all of the websites are reputable when it comes to giving a product sale while retaining its high quality. Many people got scammed with fraudulent offers and sometimes got the product with factory defects or just simply an imitation.


If you consider a a product’s quality more than its price, then you should know how to verify it genuineness.


  1. Look for a genuine security seal on the packaging. Each brand has its own unique security features and seals. For gadgets, popular names like Apple, Samsung, LG, HP, and Sony have made their own brands and unique way to seal their products. For example, HP Company puts security label on its cartridges boxes. If you’re not able to see it, you should then doubt its originality. In the HP ink seal, the “OK” and a check mark are visible even if you tilt it to different directions. Color switching is also a mark of HP’s genuineness. Turning the box side to side, you can see the lettering switch to light color when the background is dark and vice versa.
  2. Company’s logo should always be seen on the product or packaging.
  3. Look for repackaging signs. If you see any signs like no outer wrappings of sub packs, then you have a reason to be suspicious on its quality.
  4. The price should be reasonable. If the materials used are of high quality, then it should reflect to the cost.
  5. Original products don’t have frequent failure. The item should always meet customer’s expectations and even beyond.


You should always care of all these tips if you want to identify the genuineness of the product. For a safer and secure purchase, it is advisable to visit the company’s website or Third Parties to ensure that you get the right product.

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